The TASTE 4 SUCCESS Skillnet represents a significant, innovative and strategic collaboration between a growing number of member companies across a number of specific food and beverage sub-sectors, such as production, processing, artisan and services.

Companies in each of the respective sectors range from micro indigenous artisan producers to large international conglomerates.  The strategic collaboration in the network has provided increased efficiencies for a number of different cluster groups as well as manufacturing and processing companies linked either by supply chain and/or geography.

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet started out with a small group of 16 companies in 1999 based in the north west of Ireland, and since then it has grown its membership to over 125 active members across a national base.

The network has grown substantially and it’s membership involves micro food, sea and beverage (including mini breweries) producers, suppliers and those involved in food service. A number of members are larger indigenous and multinational food manufacturers and processors and their presence is vital in the network to enable sharing of expensive training programmes and to give support, impetus and trainee numbers in order to run cost effective and localised training for some and micro members.

To become a member (free membership) and to avail of funding for training and development, please contact us at or telephone 043 6687289.