TCD Tangent – Masterclass Series 2023

Start date: 09 November 2023

Duration: 5 Weeks

Location: Online & Hybrid

Programme overview

Masterclass Series 2023 - Leading Creatively
Transformational practices to maximise business potential

Organisations, their business models, markets and the people they serve are constantly in flux. Disruptive innovation is everywhere, change is constant. In this modern-day work environment, originality, ingenuity and creativity are essential to stay current and not lose ground to competitors.

To be truly innovative, we must elicit and seek to understand the perspectives of those impacted by the products, services and policies we develop. Effective design is user-centred, addresses a tangible problem and is rooted in human empathy. If as organisations and individuals, we focus on addressing human needs, through problem identification, insight generation and deferral of judgement, it will dramatically increase the likelihood of viable solutions, meaningful impact and ultimately competitive advantage.

This programme is a deep dive into the power of creative thinking, problem-solving and human-centred design thinking methodology. It explores how our approach to problem-solving can have a significant impact on the proposed solution. It introduces tools and techniques that place human beings at the centre of the process, ensuring that we are solving the right problem for the right audience and not being guided by our own assumptions. With this understanding, leaders can identify what might be affecting a team's successful approach to problem-solving and innovation.

There is a maximum of 20 places.
Masterclasses shall take place primarily online with the final session in-person in Tangent, Trinity College Dublin. Online attendance will be an option for this final session for those with that preference.

Masterclass 1 - Creative Thinking for Business9 November, 10-1pm - Online
Masterclass 2 - An Introduction to Design Thinking16 November, 10-1pm - Online
Masterclass 3 - Problem finding and Opportunity Generation23 November, 10-1pm - Online
Masterclass 4 - Nurturing the Creative Potential of your organisation30 November, 10-1pm - Online
Masterclass 5 - Storytelling for Business Success5 December, 10-1pm - Hybrid

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